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How to reach Bartoszek Engineering
  • By snail-mail:
    Larry Bartoszek, P.E.
    Bartoszek Engineering
    818 W. Downer Place
    Aurora, IL 60506-4904

  • By phone:
    office: 630-844-0248
    fax: 630-844-9369

  • By e-mail:
    design at

To download the presentation Larry gave at the Geneva Public Library on 9/25/13,"Human and Artificial Intelligence--are we building new tools or new people?", right click here and save it to your hard drive.

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  • Bartoszek Engineering is a consulting firm specializing in mechanical and electromechanical design for the nuclear and high energy physics community world-wide.

    Bartoszek Engineering is structured as a virtual network company allowing it to draw on the resources of many highly skilled and competent scientists, engineers, and design people around the world.

    Resumes and capabilities documents of people associated with Bartoszek Engineering are included in our "People" pages. We are always on the look-out for new talent and willing to talk to any competent professional about a business relationship.

    The company has handled design projects ranging in size from table-top devices to a 120 ton, three story tall cartesian robot. You will find in these Web pages many photos and rendered images of machines that Bartoszek Engineering has tackled since its founding.